It's a Girl!!!

The original Post a little Happiness New Baby Arrival.

This one is especially made to celebrate the arrival of a special little bundle of joy. 

 A mini Beschuit met Muisjes®

Two champagne flavoured wine gums made exclusively for Post a Little Happiness,

from The REAL wine gum company. 

The lovingly hand-made Vitamin Boost Twistea

is packed with Green Rooibos, vitamin B & C. It smells amazing and is delicious.  

The lovingly hand-made Mommy booster Twistea is packed with Safflower

which contains many omega acids, promotes the immune system and lowers cholesterol.

A beautifully handmade card with your own personal inscription'  

A  link to Cliff Richard "Congratulations"

It's a Girl

It's a Girl

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