Wedding Celebration

There is something so special about a wedding.

Show them how special they are with a  Post a Little Happiness 

handmade card with your own personal inscription, 

2 drinks & cakes of your choice

Two champagne wine gums specially made for

Post a little Happiness from the RealWINE gum Company.

What party would be complete without a glass or two of bubbles.

All the flavours without the hangover. (contains no alcohol)

A balloon

Paper streamers

Party blower

QR link to 

"Get me to the church on time" from My fair lady

Or if you prefer choose your own song.

Call for more info on choosing your own song. (+31610564663)

There is something so special about receiving a small token through the post.

Especially one that comes out of the blue. A small little gift just because someone is thinking of you.

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